Welcome to Host in Wales

Wales offers a highly competitive location for hosting web services the United Kingdom and Northern Europe.

Wales is part of the United Kingdom. It has a devolved government that is keen to attract inward investment, and powers to facilitate projects in Wales.  Wales has a population of just over three million people, but as part of the British isles has direct access to the UK market  with its population of over 68 Million people.  Consequently, Wales provides a very competitive location serving the United kingdom and Northern Europe.  The city of London is one of the three biggest financial centres in the World is within 150 miles of Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, 

The UK’s “Silicon Valley”  follows the M4 Motorway connecting the the capital cities of London and Cardiff.  It runnings past Heathrow Airport, Slough Reading, Swindon, Bristol and Newport.  Virtually all hi-tech multinational companies have offices along this route.

Cardiff at the Western end offers a vibrant community with a highly educated workforce.  The high concentration of IT companies along the M4 corridor means that  people with people with IT qualifications and certifications are available ‘on tap’

Wales is a country of outstanding natural beauty, Tourism is a significant sector.  At the same time the geography of the area lends itself to renewable energy installations, which contribute strongly to the  success Wales is achieving in moving towards its target of 70% of electricity consumption from renewable sources.

Wales has a town which has the longest names of any town in the world.   However, currently there are no data centres in Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch

Why do we need data centres?

Over the past decade there has been a move within the IT sector towards virtualisation.

Building Data Services in Wales

An examination of the opportunities to win data centre business in Wales, and the economic and social consequences of doing so.

Benefits to the Welsh Language

The Welsh language is a stand-out in its ability to survive - there are more Welsh speakers than there are speakers of the all other Celtic languages put together. As part of a continued effort to support the Welsh language, support for it in IT must be an important factor.

Implications for Wales - The north-south divide

While there is a strong case for upgrading road and rail links between North and South Wales, the cost of such upgrades would be very high. However this is not true of communications and IT infrastructure.

Why should data rest in Wales?

For Wales to have a successful data centre industry, we must ask why Wales is a suitable place for companies, charities, government agencies to store and process their data here.

Lessons from Ireland

The Irish economy is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, attracting high tech companies to set up home there.

Lessons from Scotland

The Scottish government recognises the importance of data centres as part of its IT strategy.

Objectives of Host in Wales

  • Promote and incentivise Welsh businesses, governmental organisations, third sector organisations to use Welsh data centres to provide IT services they all use like websites, cloud computing, hosting for databases
  • Promote Wales on the global market place as an excellent place in the United Kingdom and Northern Europe, provide competitive top quality hosting services.
  • Promote the use of Welsh Data centres to those involved in Welsh government and private initiatives.  
  • Support other business initiatives in Wales that will benefit from local hosting.
  • Encourage and support education in Wales for information technology in order to meet the growing demands for trained IT staff in the coming years.